Biology-Inspired Bioinformatics Training Through a Visual, No-Coding Required Computational Platform

By Elia Brodsky posted 03-22-2018 00:22

Learn Bioinformatics on T-BioInfo
Bioinformatics training has been shown to be beneficial for trainees in terms of improved research or additional analyses enabled by bioinformatic skills, enhanced ability to communicate effectively with bioinformaticians and statisticians, and validation of results for publications (Brazas and Ouellette, 2012).  However, developing bioinformatics training programs can be challenging because of the diversity of backgrounds of potential trainees who can benefit from bioinformatic analysis (Schneider et al., 2010, Magana et al., 2014), as well as the rapid pace of advancement of the field, rendering professors in fields such as biology or medicine unqualified to teach current skills unless they maintain constant training in the rapidly evolving methods being used in today’s computational biology analyses.

And while bioinformatics skills are in high demand in life science and clinical research, these skills are taught only in about 25% of educational programs (M.D. Brazas et al, Nature, 2017). Limiting factors for the integration of bioinformatics practice-oriented courses into curriculum include the lack of qualified trainers experienced in the subject, cost of computational resources and infrastructure maintenance, and standard pre-requirement of coding competencies. 
T-BioInfo is a research platform that can also be used for education ( In combination with online educational modules (, this platform is a solution that overcomes these limitations providing theoretical background and hands-on experience in a project-oriented educational environment.

Online courses with hands-on projects now available at
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