Hands On Workshops in Bioinformatics: Apply Machine Learning to Your Omics Data without Coding

By Elia Brodsky posted 04-12-2018 12:15

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The amount of data being generated in life sciences is growing exponentially, increasing the gap between the potential and use of insight coming from experiments. This growing gap cannot be closed by bioinformaticians that are removed from the way data is generated and biological concepts associated with experimental design and questions behind them. The practical way to address this gap is to equip biologists and clinicians with intuitive and easy to use tools as well as educate them on the logic of data analysis. 

Our team has been working with a number of partners across the world to close this gap by providing an online environment that couples practical analysis sections for all types of omics data (T-BioInfo Platform) with online courses that are structured around projects from high impact publications. This model is also supported by hybrid online-offline interaction between expert bioinformaticians and course participants in workshops and online chat sessions.

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But that is not all, additional benefits include:

- minimizing the cost of setting up a bioinformatics research environment
- learning to think critically about biomedical data and methods used to interrogate this data
- understanding how methodology relates to research findings
- practicing data analysis methods by comparing and contrasting
- learning to interact between biologists and data scientists.
- involving students in research questions early on in their studies

This model was recently tested with a group of motivated students and faculty at Loyola University in New Orleans. We had the privilege of having 5 faculty members and 12 students with diverse backgrounds participate in the course. Recently, we presented this pilot as a model of collaborative curriculum developed around research needs and interest of biology faculty and students. The poster and presentation at the Louisiana Annual Conference on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics can be seen here: 



 As we started developing this model back in 2017, we saw a great interest around the world and had a challenge to overcome - based in the US, we only had physical access to US institutions at first. However people from India, Malaysia, Egypt, Israel, Germany and other places were eager to participate. That is when we started developing a hybrid workshop-webinar to interact with participants and provide training opportunities for TBioInfo users and those wanting to learn about this resource. Our workshops include basic RNA-seq analysis sessions and advanced topics like machine learning for transcriptomics data

Now is the time to get involved - by participating in hands-on workshops and involving your students in research opportunities early on. If you are interested, do not hesitate to reach out!

Learn More about this project here: https://edu.t-bio.info/collaborative-model-bioinformatics-education-combining-biologically-inspired-bioinformatics-project-based-learning/
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