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By Leah Cannon posted 05-10-2017 09:21



Thinkable is an online platform that allows scientists to enter their research into a series of competitions to win grants, research awards or innovation prizes. Scientists win monetary prizes for each prize and competition, but that is not always the most valuable part. Entering Thinkable competitions makes more scientists and non-scientists aware of their work and could lead to fruitful collaborations. It gives scientists a platform to promote their work to a wider community.

Thinkable was launched in 2014 by Australian scientist Ben McNeil as a crowdfunding site for scientists. However, after listening to feedback from scientists, scientific organizations and universities, they relaunched in 2016 using a competition-based model which they believe gives funding bodies and philanthropists an open and transparent mechanism to decide which projects they want to fund.

Over 40,000 scientists and potential donors from around the world have joined the site.

Scientists must register with an email address from a research institution and have evidence of a thesis or at least one peer-reviewed publication in their area of expertise.

Last year Thinkable also launched their Peer Prize series – competitions where other scientists vote for the winners. Last year the inaugural Peer Prize for Women in Science funded by the Sun Foundation had over 1474 votes from scientists at 250 research institutions around the world.

Thinkable is a global platform. Anyone can join and host a competition which could be for a grant, award, challenge or contest. You can recruit sponsors to support the competition and invite judges to judge the entries.

Current competitions include the Peer Prize for Women in Science, with total prize money of $40,000 - $20,000 to a life scientist and $20,000 to an earth, environmental or space scientist. This competition is open to female researchers working in Australia. Submissions close on May 31, 2017. You can apply find out more about this prize and apply here.

The Bioinformatics Peer Prize is open until May 12, 2017. Scientists from any country in the world can enter if they have published a bioinformatics pre-print or paper between January 1st and March 31st 2017. So far this competition has attracted 20,000 views.

Find out more about current competitions at

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