Life Science Network is a relaxed forum in which life science executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and media professionals can come together for easy communication, to make new connections, find new ways to collaborate, and help one another find the latest jobs or partnering opportunities. Join our community today to start connecting with thousands of your peers.  

Still not convinced? Ok, then read this FAQ answering everything you ever wanted to know...

Q: What is Life Science Network?

A: Started in 2010, Life Science Network (LSN) is the destination for life science professionals who wish to network, communicate, share ideas and connect with others.

Q: How can I join the LSN?

A: Anyone working within the life science industry can join the LSN for free at www.lifesciencenetwork.com.

Q: Who is in LSN and why?

A: Nearly 20,000 executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and media around the world participate in LSN to build their connections, share their passion for science, access original industry news and perspectives, find new opportunities, and attend live networking events. The LSN editorial team produces insightful news, interviews and research from the industry and many of the major conferences in life science and healthcare today.

Q: What makes LSN unique?

A: Unlike other networking organizations or industry trade groups, LSN is a relaxed forum open to anyone working in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technology, diagnostics and research communities regardless of job title. Life science professionals can finally come together within a networking community designed by life science professionals specifically for life science professionals.

Q: How does LSN work?

A: Since 2010, LSN has built a following of nearly 20,000 researchers and professionals based upon original content and powerful networking opportunities accessed via social media feeds on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as the now legendary "UNWIND" happy hour events. In 2016, LSN entered the next phase of its growth with the launch of a new proprietary platform designed to make networking, content and opportunities more accessible than ever in an environment geared specifically toward the life science community. More features will be added to the platform over time.

Q: What can I do on LSN?

A: The power of the new LSN platform is in its ability for members to publish content to communities that they choose to join, as well as to post documents, research papers, and other content to the library. In addition, members can easily create communities around specific areas of interest and invite colleagues to join and participate in discussions with peers. Additionally, through a structure specifically designed for the interests of those in the life science sector, the platform enables members to quickly and simply find and connect with peers and colleagues around similar interests, functions and geographies. You can learn more about the features of the platform and how to use them by learning how to get the most out of LSN.

Q: Does this platform mean that LSN groups on LinkedIn will end?

A: No. LSN groups on LinkedIn, which have served as the primary place for community members to engage with one another, will continue to thrive. However, a majority of the original content, opportunities and engagement will take place “off LinkedIn” within the new LSN platform.

Q: What are the UNWIND events about?

A: We bring together members of LSN at periodic "UNWIND" networking events. The vision for these happy hour gatherings is to provide a rare opportunity for life science professionals to relax and get away from the tightly wound environment of the lab, the board room, the front office, or the newsroom. People who attend can expect to find good conversation, new connections, partnering and job opportunities, informative content and a beverage in their hand. What they will not find is heavy promotion, a price tag, and a stiff agenda that defeats the purpose of unwinding. Check the LSN Upcoming Events calendar for updates on UNWINDs coming near you.

Q: Where can I learn more information?

A: For information about joining or sponsoring LSN, please use our contact form.